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With over 7000 attendees and participation from some of the largest and well-known leading tech companies like Google, Cisco, Comcast, and more, this event presents a unique opportunity to connect with C-level execs, peers, and target audiences. The broad scope of topics will bring together experts and decision makers from many communities including:

  • CRE Owners and Managers
  • Enterprise IT
  • Service Providers and Operators
  • Solution Integrators
  • Equipment Vendors
  • Developers
  • Media
  • Industry Advocates

Connected Real Estate Summit

This One of a Kind Summit is focused on exploring today's IT and Wireless Networking challenges facing Commercial Real Estate and the Enterprise. There are over 5 million commercial properties across the US and the carriers can't realistically fund network infrastructure solutions for each and this reality is presenting new challenges and introducing opportunity. With the recent rollout of CBRS, Wi-Fi6, and the oncoming train known as 5G, the landscape of solution choices and how they're funded is anything but clear. Now include IoT, smart buildings and connected devices, it only gets more complicated. This event will explore how today's in-building connectivity options can help property owners and the enterprise deliver a long-term solution benefiting tenants, users, and all these connected devices. Wireless is clearly a utility and users everywhere expect utility like availability and performance.